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“Hey're old school and you ROCK!”



"Wells was inspired to write one of the catchiest songs you'll hear this year. The title track to his CD is a 5 minute hook-filled musical salute to the famous inventor."


New York

"I'm so addicted to your song Pull That Trigger Again, that I play it for all my customers in my cab turning them on to your music.  I'm sure you're making it big. Keep it on!"



"You are an inspiring, pure talent.  Your songs are simplistic, easy to listen to and radio friendly.  I am a huge fan since I discovered you.  I will continue to support and recommend you.  I appreciate the hard work you obviously put into your music."


N1M Music

"I absolutely love your song Bonnaroo Bada Bing!!!  You have such a way to reach into the soul with your words and music!"

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