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From my earliest days creativity has driven my life.

I started playing piano and writing songs at the age of five and later took up trombone, bass, electric and acoustic guitar. Guitar became my instrument of choice for composing and performing songs; however, I excelled at the trombone, resulting in receiving a music scholarship at Murray State University.


Realizing that I didn't need a degree to play music, I decided to change my major to Marketing & Communications with an emphasis in Radio and TV Production and received my BS Degree (some say I was born with it!). I always had a fondness for radio, TV, and films, and I recall at a very early age that I would visualize storyboards of mini-movies to the music I listened to, long before the advent of MTV.  After cutting my teeth in broadcast television and being a creative director for an ad agency, I started my own advertising and marketing firm, audio-video production company, music publishing company, record label and cigar lounge.


I am a Serial Entrepreneur and Renaissance Man who loves to create. I own and operate dkWells Productions, Wellness Communications, Stormcrow Records and Cigar! CIgar!.  


I continue to live life with simple rules:  Laugh Often, Love Much, Don't Let the Creative Spirit Die, Be Bold and Live Like There's No Tomorrow.  I look forward to being of service or entertaining you soon.



David "dk" Wells


“Publisher, Promoter, Producer, Writer, Director, Musician and Entrepreneur...Is there nothing that Wells can't do?.”

 - News4U

Evansville, IN

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