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dkWells Music

Business owner and musician, David Wells, known in music circles as dkWells, is currently working on a new music project of originals.  In addition, Wells continues to work on other music, video, film and digital media projects at his studio in Newburgh, IN.


Artists that dkWells has help to produce projects for include:  Andrew Baum, Aly Tadros, Kole Hansen, Chloe Charles, Ben Balmer, Sam McClellan, Harrys Gym, A Silent Film, The Sweetness, Barbara Nesbitt, Three Blind Wolves, Spy Catcher, Kamila Lovett and Black Casino and the Ghost.




dkWells Music Thank God for Thomas Edison

dkWells released his second album titled, Thank God for Thomas Edison, on his own record label, Stormcrow Records.  Wells shares, “A lot of my inspiration for the songs came from my experience attending the Bonnaroo Music Festival. In fact the title of the album, and the title track song was inspired by electricity at the event. The lack of it in my camping area, and the power of it on stage.”

Thank God for Thomas Edison has received rave reviews from across the globe.
Jon Shoulders, a music reviewer based in Indianapolis says, “dkWells has perfectly blended pop, rock and Americana in a shiny and powerful package with exquisite production values.”  
Wells intentionally departed from his theme and lyric styles from his first effort, saying, "It was time to have some fun again!"

dkWells Stormcrow Records

Founded in 2012 by dkWells, Stormcrow Records gets its name from his first succesful high school rock band, Stormcrow.  Stormcrow is the name that Tolkein's Hobbits used for Gandolf to describe him, thinking that everytime he came around something bad happened, when in reality he was there to protect them.  This ironic viewpoint struck a nerve with Wells during his formative years. 


Besides Wells, other artists associated with the Label are Andrew Baum, Jeff Ennis, Rachael Ennis and Kole Hansen.

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